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Wow. It's... very pleasant, to think that I made it seven weeks, producing a fic for five of every seven days. This last week was Author's Choice. I decided that meant that I could reuse whatever fandom I liked, so I've finished the challenge with 10K+ words in 27 or so fandoms. O_o That's kinda cool. I think I'm going to miss this challenge. Not enough to sign up for it again, mind you, but miss it all the same.

Anyway! I have here Princess Tutu, Final Fantasy XII, Hunter x Hunter, Kingdom Hearts II, and Mai-HiME ficlets. Tutu has angsty undertones but is happy. FFXII is comedy. HxH is fluffy. KHII and Mai-HiME are both AU - - KHII is AU with an up-spin, Mai-HiME is AU with a down-spin. At least, that's how their moods classify themselves in my heads, though both are a little angsty. The KHII one is actually an idea I've been meaning to work on for just this side of forever, and have never gotten around to. There may be more of it later, since I like the verse. The HxH one isn't as fully-fleshed as I wanted it to be - a friend had asked me to go see a staging of a play I editted for her, so I didn't have as much time to devote to it as I should have in the first place... and then I forgot until 20 of midnight that I was dog-sitting for my aunt, so I didn't have time to edit much on the back end either. It's actually kinda just this side of flat-out bad. XD The Tutu one, on the other hand, may be my favourite. The FFXII one is good for a laugh, though, and the Mai-HiME one plays out what-if that I'm fond of. Possible elaboration on it, later, but I don't think so. ^.^;;;

And now, fic!

Asleep in a Memory, Dreaming )

Stowaway )

Semi-Useful Surprises )

Faded Pictures )

Caught )
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Title: Understanding
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts / KH2
For: [ profile] 30_friends
Subject: Riku & Sora
Theme(s): #15 ~ Comfortable Silence
Disclaimer: Don't own anything; spoilers for end of KH2

Riku and Sora don’t talk about what happened while they were apart. )
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Title: The Great Gummi Road Trip, Preview
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
For: [ profile] ladylore
Rating: PG
Characters: Riku, Sora

I thought you said you knew how to swim? )
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Title: The Plan: A KHII Fanfiction Paying Homage to Both FF7 and Clue
For: [ profile] lithele
Beta: [ profile] ladylore
Rating: PG14
Notes: Well, [ profile] lithele offered me art in exchange for fanfiction. The art turned into a whole comic, so it's not done yet, but I was having so much fun writing this fic that it got done ahead of time. Set after the end of Kingdom Hearts II in Radiant Garden, featuring assorted characters native to that locale, a feminine sense of mischief, and things for which certain characters would kill me. Humour, but not crack. ^_^ Also, no real spoilers aside from the location of Radiant Garden... at least, I don't think so. ^^;;; So make your own decisions based on that.

There was one problem with peace, though: it got boring. )
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Title: Three Remain
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Riku, Sora
Rating: G
Warning: Spoilers for all of KHII
Notes: There's not much I can say without being spoilerific... but basically, [ profile] ladylore made an icon for me and asked for cute fluffy Riku & Sora friendship fic in exchange. So... yes. Cute, fluffy Riku & Sora fic behind the cut. Yeah. ^.^;;;; Also the icon, because it is LOVE in a spoiler-filled way. Yeah. ^.^;;;

Three Remain )


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