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But then, I never was very good at posting consistently in the first place. Still, over three months is a bit long even for me. In my defense, I'm a 2L now, which means I spent all of August and September (successfully, thank goodness!) job hunting. I'm also currently in two moot court competitions, working on my student note, and taking classes, so my time is like negative until the end of January. On the plus side, I get to travel and see fun places, and I've been having a really excellent time of it. Anyways, suffice to say that Nano will almost certainly not be happening this year, and fic (except maybe Yuletide, and possibly something to celebrate my 10th(!!!) anniversary writing fics next month) is probably not happening any time soon. Still love you all, though, and miss you even if I don't post much.

Blind Go is also over again, and I was shoyu. This piece was written the night before a final exam and two days before a moot court competition - in other words, time was insanely short and frankly, I was proud something existed. I feel like I cheated a bit because it's *about* Sai, but it means that I still haven't actually *written* Sai. I do like the sort of quiet dignity that it's rocking, though, especially since my last take on Hikaru and Akira with a go board was seriously crack-a-licious.

And that's about it. =D
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Well, let's see... my room is cleaner. My laundry's done. My fic rec list is now at 50+. I finally used up all 600 of the KoL turns I'd backlogged. I've got topics for each of my papers. I've even got ideas for one of them fairly well mapped. I'm caught up on my friend's lives. My dishes are done. My laundry is folded. My room is nice and clean, and so am I. I still need a Christmas present for my secret pal. I still need a shower (overslept this morning, damn). I still need to write three papers by Wednesday, one of which is due Tuesday. My dishes still need to be done. My laundry needs folding. My room is still a mess.

... well damn. XD I hope everyone enjoys their wonderful New Years presents and cards, cause that'll be when everything arrives unless something gives... or I give up on work again like I've been doing. XD


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