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From that meme a couple of weeks back. Since only two people took me up on it, there's only two fics, but I'm happy with that, especially since I like both of these. ^-^

Title: Nobility
Fandom: Romeo x Juliet
For: [ profile] lithele
Characters: Romeo, Benvolio
Rating: G
Summary: If they weren't good friends, Benvolio would never get into half as much trouble as he does.

Nobility )

Title: Ballerina
Fandom: Princess Tutu
For: [ profile] ladylore
Pairing: Ahiru/Fakir
Rating: PG
Summary: In each ballet troupe, there can be only one ballerina.

Ballerina )
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Ahh, the joys of cross-posting. XDD I signed up for IronMan Seven over on IJ, which is basically a challenge to create at least 50 words of fic five days out of seven every week for the next seven weeks, and to incorporate into those fics both the weekly theme and one of the seven weekly prompts, using a different prompt each time so that you ultimately use five prompts.


It's a little complicated, but it's a lot of fun. Anyway, I decided that since it wasn't crazy enough as it was, that I would also try not to repeat a fandom within any given week. To make a long story short, I have five different ficlets to share with y'all, from five different rather obscure fandoms. (I didn't do the obscure thing on purpose, I swear. It just kind of happened. XDD) Anyways, I'll be posting all of the fics here at the end of each week, though they'll be available one every day or so on IJ.

This week's theme was pain fic. The prompts didn't really lend themselves to physical pain, in my opinion, so it's a bit more emotional in terms of ow. I used Tales of the Abyss, Nana, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kaze no Stigma, and Romeo x Juliet. And without further ado,

Curse )

Blinded )

Payment )

Silence )

A Gentleman )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Be afraid - next week is smut!fic week. ^.^;;;;;
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Just got caught up on Romeo x Juliet (I had watched the first episode previously) and felt the need to fangirl a bit. Especially Tybalt. He looks like Shannon from Scrapped Princess and sounds like Tezuka from Prince of Tennis - which of course had me going ♥_♥, even if I'm guessing that he's not precisely a good guy.

It reminds me of a fusion or a crossover between Robin Hood and Romeo & Juliet, actually, more than a remake of Romeo & Juliet proper. Does that mean that the makers of anime are increasingly fanfic writers? O_o Or maybe I'm just reading into things.

I'm also in love with Cielo, who has said nothing but been just the coolest pegasi ever. ^.^ Romeo rocks, too, and of course Juliet! ♥ So yeah. Not much happening here, just some joy. Anyone got other recent series to recommend while I'm catching up?


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