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Because it occurred to me that I really should have one of these. ^.^;;; ::has been massively slackerly in creating one, so sue me:: Oldest and crappiest fics have not even been linked - trust me, you don't want to read them. Cuts for every fandom, because that's the least coding intensive way I know of to do this, with fandoms listed alphabetically to make the archive easy to read. ^.^ Without further delay, here're the fics!

Warning! This list is seriously out of date and since I'm not updating it now, I feel semi-obliged to point out this list of fic from 2007 in the interest of making Blind Go guessing easier. 'Cause I'm nice like that, or something. XDDD

Deathnote )

Final Fantasy VII )

Fruits Basket )

FullMetal Alchemist )

FMA/GW X-over )

FMA/Kenshin )

FMAxRonin Warriors )

Gundam Wing )

Kaleido Star )

Kingdom Hearts I & II )

Prince of Tennis )

Sailor Moon )

Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing X-overs )

Tales of the Abyss )

For the moment, that's everything. I've also written a crack-tastic Bleach/Deathnote/FMA crossover and a Bible fanfic that would totally get me sent to hell, but I'm too tired to track down links just now. ^_^;;; If you want more fiction, feel free to check out the Fanfic Recommendation List that I've been putting together to catalogue my fave fics of all time.
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Title: Past the Sky and Sea
Betas: The amazing and talented [ profile] ladylore and [ profile] lithele
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Sora, Riku
For: [ profile] 30_friends
Theme: #4 ~ Walk Beside Me
Rating: PGish
Warning: None
Notes: Story is set on the evening before the game begins. It's one that got away from me. I thought I knew what it was about, and then it wasn't. XD I kinda like it though, even if it's different than I expected it to be. ^^;;; Comments are awesome and always appreciated, if you've time to leave them. ^.^

Sora was looking forward to getting into drier clothing, except for one small problem. )
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Title: The Braid
Part: Chapter Three - Intervention of Fate
Warnings: Gundam Wing x Fullmetal Alchemist Crossover. FMA spoilers through 50, GW spoilers upto but excluding Endless Waltz. AU, Ed and Duo - centric - - but not EdxDuo
Chapter Word Count: 4,604
Word Count to Date: 20,176
Previous Parts:
The Braid, Prologue
The Braid, Chapter 1 - The Sound of One Hand Clapping
The Braid, Chapter 2 - Solitary Souls

In Which Solo Meets Kip, Ed's Gang is Introduced, and Thing Get Blown Up )
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Since Sky was doing it, and reminded me that I was behind on mine as well. Jeva, I will get to yours eventually, I swear. It's sitting half done on my hard drive, but I need to be on a massive sugar high before I can look at it again. XD


Fandoms: FMA fusion with Ronin Warriors
Title: Here, Kitty Kitty
Details: Humor. Not quite the crack requested, but eh. My crack is currently focusing on something else. XD

That is the largest stray cat I've ever seen. How did you manage to sneak it past Edward? )
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Fandom: Death Note
Title: Perjury
Author: [ profile] lanerose
Warnings: Spoilers to 59.
Notes: Written because the Nile is not just a river in Egypt. ^.^;;;

Maybe he’d been wrong about Light. )
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I had a little time this afternoon (I'm going exploring with a friend, but she wanted a nap first), so I went back through my older files to see what was there. These are the ones I'm probably going to continue at some point, though I did *finish* the FMA ficlet, which is blink-and-miss-it Royai - spoilers through the early 40s, I think. ^^;;; Anyways...

Plot Bunnies ~ original

“No, really?” Janice replied sarcastically, glaring at the pink fuzz ball before her. “You know, I still have bite marks all over my ankles!” )

Techie Meta Play-ish Thing ~ original, two bits

Aww, crap, don’t tell me we’re in a meta? )

Strawberries and Champagne ~ original, finished?

Or, Why A Man I Don’t Love Holds the Key to My Heart )

Wait ~ FMA, blink and miss it RoyAi, spoiler into the 40s.

She watched him, and waited. )~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cheers for massive story dumpage. ^_^
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Got hit by a flying drabble idea and scribbled it out. Now, sleep. ^_^

His office wasn't any emptier... )
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So I wanted to do another drabble, and went back for another word of the day. The connection here is first of all that Kyou was the character I thought of second (the first and obvious choice being Sailor Saturn). Kyou is a Capricorn ~ the zodiac sign ruled by Saturn. Also, Lees was bugging me a bit ago to finally write some Furuba. So I did. XDDD Fifteen minutes, not counting the time it took me to verify Kyou was a Capricorn and Capricorn was ruled by Saturn. 100 words. ^_^;;;;

Saturnine )
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Since I haven't posted ficcage in a while, here's a drabble for's Word of the Day for May 25th. (I'd have used the one for the 26th, but tis not out yet.) 100 words, twenty minutes. Not bad for a first attempt at drabbling, in my opinion. ^-^;;;;;

Artifice )
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This immediately preceeds Recoil. Beta, someone, if you would? Lore's buried in Orgo studying and I don't want to bother her. ^^;;;;

Fanning the Flames )
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This belongs firmly to the genre of blink and miss it Royai, my personal fave style of that pairing. It follows in line with the two I wrote earlier but am too lazy to find a link for that are set post-25. This is also reason number one as to why I was up until something like 5 this morning only to get up at 7 and finish my freaking paper. XDD Anyways, Enjoy!

She'd wondered how he looked when he really loved someone. )
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Written for [ profile] forgottenlover. I'm not sure I like the ending, though. XDD

This is KenshinEnvy, though quite mild. Set in Bakumatsu Japan. Challenge was to include the line, "Is it life enough for you to have found a lost traveler bring death?”

In a dark alley near the river, the shadows loomed, bending and twisting themselves to cover the red haired man who faded in and out of them. )

HoS: Violet

Apr. 1st, 2005 01:59 am
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Violet )
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Midnight )
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Well, until I can bug [ profile] ladylore for a title, I suppose this story will have to go without. Only thing I'm saying is - DAMMIT, this was supposed to be fluffy!!!

So not fluffy. )
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The Creepy One )
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Recoil )


Feb. 5th, 2005 10:25 pm
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Cross-posted from the Smex archives. Happy Birthday [ profile] icedark_elf!!!

Shivers )


Jan. 21st, 2005 05:30 pm
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This is Crack. Complete Crack. I have no other word for it beyond Crack. Yes.

Schieska x ??? omgwtfbbq )

I blame [ profile] inamoment for giving me art, as well as [ profile] ysabet and [ profile] socchan for encouraging me to write this. This is entirely your fault! Yes. XD


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