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Randomness ~ Why is the new FF7 thing called Crisis Core? Because Squeenix needed to complete the set of initials! They already had AC, BC, and DC, which meant that CC was missing and *clearly* needed to be done. Yes. XDD

And for something slightly less random, here's Kingdom Hearts ficcage.

Title: Don't Follow Me
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Riku, Sora, Donald, Goofy
For: [ profile] 30_friends
Theme: #14 ~ Fair Weather Friend, Rainy Day Friend
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers to Hollow Bastion
Notes: I've been toying with posting this fic or holding off until I write one that's very connected to it, but have decided to go ahead and post for now. I've got plans to do a variation from Sora's perspective at some point in the near future. Also, I'm more than a little worried about how Donald and Goofy came across - this was my first time writing them, so fear running high. XDDD

He was cruel, and horrible, and Sora might never forgive him for it. )
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Title: Understanding
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts / KH2
For: [ profile] 30_friends
Subject: Riku & Sora
Theme(s): #15 ~ Comfortable Silence
Disclaimer: Don't own anything; spoilers for end of KH2

Riku and Sora don’t talk about what happened while they were apart. )
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Title: Competition
For: [ profile] 30_friends, [ profile] ladylore
Rating: PG
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Riku, SoraKairi

When they were younger, Riku had fought with Sora over who would get to date Kairi. )
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Title: In A Box
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
For: [ profile] 30_friends, [ profile] ladylore
Theme: #5 ~ Hidden Treasure
Characters: Riku, Sora
Rating: G
Notes: This spoiler-free fic will make so much more sense if you've seen Snake in a Box from Metal Gear Solid 3. Aside from addressing the theme of hidden treasure, [ profile] ladylore promised me she would finish her Advent Children AMV if I included the whole box thing... So I did. ^_^ The AMV is amazing, so I'm really happy about the whole deal, really. I've been bribed into writing a different fic to get her to post the video, but it'll be up soon. ^________^

Anyways, without further delay...

I'm in a box. )
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Title: Past the Sky and Sea
Betas: The amazing and talented [ profile] ladylore and [ profile] lithele
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Sora, Riku
For: [ profile] 30_friends
Theme: #4 ~ Walk Beside Me
Rating: PGish
Warning: None
Notes: Story is set on the evening before the game begins. It's one that got away from me. I thought I knew what it was about, and then it wasn't. XD I kinda like it though, even if it's different than I expected it to be. ^^;;; Comments are awesome and always appreciated, if you've time to leave them. ^.^

Sora was looking forward to getting into drier clothing, except for one small problem. )


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