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Since I'm such a tremendous slacker at updating this journal, I figure I might do this as a way to get myself back into the habit.  That being said, the first day's challenge was to rec three pieces of your own fan work - your favorites or works that otherwise define you or whatever.  So here are my three:

First, I recommend Moogle Madness.  Moogle Madness is a Final Fantasy X Tidus/Yuna fic.  It is a comedic little piece about a canon het couple - in other words, right in one of my favourite spots to write.  It was written for a challenge, which a lot of my fic is, and takes something perfectly ordinary from canon (Lulu's moogle) and expands it in a creative way.  I love the Final Fantasy series, so it would be weird not to include at least one Final Fantasy fic on this list.  Also, it still makes me smile.

Next, I recommend Some Rest.  Some Rest is a Fullmetal Alchemist fic based on a single frame of the second opening (original version of the anime, pls thx).  I wrote Some Rest for [ profile] ladylore during exams period in undergraduate a bajillion years ago.  By which I mean seven.  I'm reasonably sure that I wrote it in her and [ profile] dyxlisa's room while curled up on their purple people-eating futon with a hot chocolate and gummi candies at my side and the Plot Puppy gallivanting about nearby while [ profile] dyxlisa and [ profile] ladylore worked on art and stories.  As much fun as writing fic is alone, having company to do so always made it even better, and I think this is one of the best fics that got written that way.  Also gen, which makes me happy.

Lastly, I recommend Amputation.  Amputation is a Hunter x Hunter fic featuring Gon and Killua, with a side of Illumi and others.  It is also maybe my favourite thing that I've ever written.  It's a traveling story - one that I wrote while on the road and without consistent access to the internet.  Unsurprisingly, those stories seem to be my better ones.  It does something I've always liked doing, in that it makes the reader think one thing at the beginning, which is gradually explained and unwrapped as it goes.  I think I did pretty well with the character voices, too, which always makes me happy, and it's a gen fic, which makes me really happy.  It's my first long one-shot and maybe the first time that I really understood how to write a good one-shot.  Also, I love that the manga has headed in a somewhat similar direction of late.  And really, I just like this fic.

So that's day one.  Can't wait to see what day 2 brings us.  =)
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! You're awesome! )
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So, I'm still alive. Life is crazy busy, and at the moment crazy stressful, but hopefully that will calm itself down pretty soon. (I love the democratic process, but I hate running in elections. Irony?)

Anyway, in efforts to cheer myself up, I wound up re-watching an old SYTYCD video that makes me happy, and when I realized I hadn't shared it yet, I decided that doing that might be good. So, here it is! ^_^

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As some of you may know, the Supreme Court heard oral argument today in a case about a CA law prohibiting the sale of violent video games to minors. This case has generated some seriously fabulous quotes.

Questions to the Petitioner (State of CA)

Justice Scalia: What's a deviant - - a deviant, violent video game? As opposed to what? A normal video game?
Justice Scalia: Some of Grimm's fairy tales are quite grim, to tell the truth.
Justice Scalia: There are established norms of violence?
Justice Scalia: A law that has criminal penalties has to be clear. . . . You know, I really wouldn't know what to do as a manufacturer.
Justice Scalia: I gather that -- that if -- if the parents of the minor want the kid to watch this stuff, they like gore, they may even like violent kids -- [laughter] -- then the State of California has no objection?
Justice Scalia: Juries are not controllable. That's the wonderful thing about juries, also the worst thing about juries.
Justice Scalia: Artistic for whom, a five year old? What a 5-year-old would appreciate as great art, is that going to be the test?

Justice Alito: Isn't the average person likely to think that what's appropriate for a 17-year-old may not be appropriate for a 10-year-old?
Justice Alito: Well, I think Justice Scalia wants to know what James Madison thought about video games. [laughter] Did he enjoy them?

Justice Sotomayor: So can the legislature now . . . say we can outlaw Bugs Bunny?
Justice Sotomayor: Would a video game that portrayed a Vulcan instead of a human being . . . be covered by this act?
Justice Sotomayor: So what happens when the character gets maimed, head chopped off and immediate after it happens they spring back to life and they continue their battle. Is that covered by your act? Because they haven't been killed forever. Just temporarily.

Questions to the Respondent:

Justice Breyer: Many parents have jobs, we hope. . . . All this says is that if you want that gratuitous torture of, let's say babies, to make it as bad as possible, what you do, parent, is go buy it . . .
Justice Breyer: What's the difference between sex and violence?

Chief Justice Roberts: We do not have a tradition in this country of telling children they should watch people actively hitting schoolgirls over the head with a shovel so they'll beg for mercy, being merciless and decapitating them, shooting people in the leg so they fall down.

Justice Scalia: You really don't want to argue the case on that ground. I gather you don't believe that the First Amendment reads, "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech except those that make sense." Is that -- ?

Justice Alito: It's one thing to read a description of... one of these video games as saying, "What's black and white and red all over? Perhaps the answer could include disposing of your enemies in a meat grinder."

And the moral of the story:

Justice Sotomayor and Justice Scalia, I love it when you get along! ♥ Also, case should probably be remanded re: narrowly-tailored, unless it's unconstitutionally vague on its face.
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But then, I never was very good at posting consistently in the first place. Still, over three months is a bit long even for me. In my defense, I'm a 2L now, which means I spent all of August and September (successfully, thank goodness!) job hunting. I'm also currently in two moot court competitions, working on my student note, and taking classes, so my time is like negative until the end of January. On the plus side, I get to travel and see fun places, and I've been having a really excellent time of it. Anyways, suffice to say that Nano will almost certainly not be happening this year, and fic (except maybe Yuletide, and possibly something to celebrate my 10th(!!!) anniversary writing fics next month) is probably not happening any time soon. Still love you all, though, and miss you even if I don't post much.

Blind Go is also over again, and I was shoyu. This piece was written the night before a final exam and two days before a moot court competition - in other words, time was insanely short and frankly, I was proud something existed. I feel like I cheated a bit because it's *about* Sai, but it means that I still haven't actually *written* Sai. I do like the sort of quiet dignity that it's rocking, though, especially since my last take on Hikaru and Akira with a go board was seriously crack-a-licious.

And that's about it. =D
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I surrender.

Leave me your name here if it's different there. I'm Lanerose23 there since someone already took my name. ;_;
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From [ profile] aishuu:

Further proof that in the battle between the lunatic fringe of Christianity and fandom, fandom totally pwns.

Makes me think of [ profile] dyxlisa's stories of Buddy Jesus at Fanime a few years back. (See this for reference.)

Also, OneManga is closing! Aww, sad!!! ;_;
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OMFG, What 'bout my star is the catchiest freaking song ever.

Massive ♥ @ [ profile] dyxlisa for suggesting the concert - best idea ever. =DDDD Pity about getting boxed out of the Guren Laggan movie, although I'll admit, I have a limited sad meter on that one since I haven't really been into it previously and therefore have no idea what I was missing. XDD

Had a really great time~~~. It was also really fun to meet some of Saa's West Coast friends, and to have breakfast with [ profile] vodou_doll, who may not have been there for the con but is still epic win. =DDDD
Have finally acquired a black Mokona plushie!!! ♥ Also a highly nostalgic Sailor Moon keychain and a pretty silver ring. =D

Surprisingly, did not see much in the way of epic cosplay. There were some good ones, for sure, but nothing that I was like, OMFG LET ME GET MY CAMERA NOW about, which was a bit sad. And I'm still mentally critiquing every Aerith that I see, which is just 8 different kinds of fail given how not skillful I am at cosplay. Also, I hate wearing wigs.

I feel somehow fail at being an East Coast anime fan now, because this means I made it to AX before I hit Otakon. . . . At least my first one was Katsucon???

Also, I have now finished watching Macross Frontier. OMFG. *is desirous of ficcing and ficcage* And I ♥ Alto, but Sheryl is just so much win she has to be my fave character for the series. (Sorry, Ranka. ;_;)

Not much to say beyond that. Yay, West Coast fun times~~~~!!!!!! ♥
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So I finally finished it. And I think I may have to heart it more than ever.

Spoilers Underneath )

And in sum, ♥!
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Rewatching Stellvia makes me smile.

And now, sleep. =D
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Like, I would proactively encourage people not to go see it bad.

Or at least, it might be entertaining, but knowing that it's meant to be a prequel to the traditional story before you start watching it is kind of critical. 'Cause, y'know, when someone tells me Robin Hood, I think Sherwood Forest and Sheriff of Nottingham and stealing from the rich to give to the poor. And this? This was not that.

... and even then, it still kind of felt like good acting and naked men stuck with a pretty awful plot and scenes that felt like they'd fit more in Gladiator or Braveheart than Sherwood Forest. I mean, we basically got the history of the Magna Carta with a side of the Battle of Agincourt, thrown together with a dash of fictionalization and, of course, a woman who wears her dead father's armor into battle.



May. 11th, 2010 12:28 am
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So this video just makes me really optimistic about life in general. Because really, if two people with only six functioning limbs between them can do this, there may be hope for the rest of humanity (myself included!) yet. :D

In related news, exams! Not that it wasn't obvious from the sudden uptick in posting... XDDD
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Yeah, I know, this is really arbitrary, but [ profile] dyxlisa sent me a link to a Hetalia FST done from musicals, and one of the songs from Songs for a New World was on it. So this put me in the mood to go listen to the rest of the CD (or as much of it as I have, anyways).

And now, I really really *REALLY* want a Glee version of She Cries. I mean, c'mon, there's plenty of men on that show who could totally wind up singing that for any number of reasons. Seriously!!!

I'd also take Hear My Song or the opening.


Also, would anyone besides me and [ profile] vodou_doll be interested in TimGunn/AndersonCooper slash? 'Cause I know I don't generally (read: ever) write RPS, but she's got the concept in my head and now I kinda want to see it. (This reminds me of Bible-slash in so far as it totally gets me into the special hell.) Except I'm not even sure what they should be doing in it. So maybe dodging special hell for a little bit, anyways.

/irrelevant post is irrelevant
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Pick one of my stories and I will tell you the first line of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

Pilfered from [ profile] aishuu, this time. I always did like this meme. =D No limits as usual.


Feb. 21st, 2010 10:06 pm
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There's rather a lot that needs to be said, because a ton has happened since I last updated my journal. However, if I ignore my brief for any longer, I *dread* the outcome I'll see when I turn it in. So this is just a cross link to my [ profile] yaoi_challenge fic, which is an xXxholic Doumeki/Watanuki story that can be read here. Yay, first fic of the year! ^.^;;;
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Wait, it's fic and it's not for a challenge? Really? O_o

This reminds me, of course, that I have a few things (Yuletide, Tutu-athon) that need to be cross-posted still. And of course, me updating more than once a millenia might be a good idea. I'd blame school, but in truth I've been on break for the better part of a month, and I did a whole lot of nothing during that time. (In my defense, OMFG school was so much busier than I remember it being since, like, high school.) Also, it's likely to continue to be pretty bad for the next, oh, two and a half years. XDD So I might not be writing as much, though I think being super!crazy!busy this coming semester might actually have the side effect of making me be more organized and therefore writing more. I'm also working on an original thing (if any of y'all remember my Nano from '08, it's a re-spin of that from a different character's perspective and starting at a different point, which makes it work a lot better) so who knows what there'll be in fandom any time soon. Also, if anyone is willing to be on a filter to take a quick peek at what I've got of the new version of the original thing, I may have to love you forever. So let me know.

... wow, this post is getting rambly and I'm not sure it all follows. I'd say I'm going to quit while I'm ahead, but in truth I need to talk about the fic a little before I link it.

So, I've been toying with this since pretty much the start of the TYL arc. It's gotten a little joss'd, but I got so close to finishing it before it got joss'd (which happened a good twenty chapters ago, now, because I really was that atrociously slow at writing this XD) that when I found it again I wanted to brush it off and polish it up for show. So whatever. It's here! And I like it!!! So =P. (I swear, the fic is more coherent than this post. Seriously. Seriously!!!)

Also, Ohayocon!!! in two-ish weeks. Anyone else going?? Seriously stoked to see [ profile] dyxlisa and [ profile] nekomoogle!!! =D

Title: Matters of Necessity
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Warnings: None, really - minor spoilers through chapter 137
Rating: PG
Summary: Lying to their younger selves is a decision that weighs heavily on TYL!Sawada and TYL!Gokudera, even after the fact.

The lights in the Tenth's room were off when Hayato entered, but Sawada Tsunayoshi was be no means sleeping. )


Nov. 14th, 2009 08:35 pm
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Well... this will probably be down in a few days, seeing as the previous copy I found got taken down that fast, but this is one of the most brilliantly choreographed and danced things I've ever seen in my life, so I'm sharing it anyways. ^.^;; It's Legacy and Kathryn from So You Think You Can Dance, performing a dance titled "Fear", and just... wow. Really, wow.

ETA: Video taken down for copyright issues. Pity, y'all, but trust me, it was awesome. (/ETA)

And in fic news, I have (perhaps foolishly) signed up for the Tutu holiday challenge, Yuletide, and [ profile] yaoi_challenge. XDD Mostly because I'm not going to know what to do with myself once exams are over. Vacations of longer than a week kind of freak me out now. ^^;;; I am *SUPER* excited by basically all of my prompts, though - can't wait to get my memo done so I can start work. I'm hesitating a little with one of my [ profile] yaoi_challenge ones, though, because the requester appears not to have read my ad all the way through, and it's right on the edge of my comfort zone. I might try it anyways, though - break the shell and all. My Yuletide and Tutu prompts are pretty much perfect, though. ^-^ On a related note, Dear Yule Goat letter to come soon. Probably at the post where they're all hanging out on the comm, but maybe here if I find myself babbling (again).

So yeah... my torts book is pretty much calling my name. But watch the video if you haven't yet!!! It's bloody awesome~~!!!
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When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw. ♥

So... saw Hamlet this week!!! ♥♥♥ I'd heard pretty mixed opinions of Jude Law's performance, but I was super pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed it!! Well, okay, aside from a technical issue here and there (how do you mispronounce contumely and call yourself a Broadway-level actor? Seriously. -_-;;), but that's not terribly surprising, given that I once had the entire script memorized and am therefore more particular about the little details than most. I liked it just on general principle, I suppose, because I always love Hamlet, and the staging for this performance was really superlative. Neat interplay with light and shadow, and I loved the costume effect with characters being barefoot when they were meant to be taken as insane. (Why is it always the tiny details that get me?) More than that, though, it made me reconsider the meaning of Hamlet's line in Act V about the wind being northerly, to take it almost as an indication not that Hamlet *is* mad, but rather that the murders he's committed are slowly *driving* him mad, which was an interpretation I hadn't looked at yet. Any production that can make me reconsider a scene gets mad props from me. ^___^

In other, rather delayed, news, [ profile] blind_go is over again! This time I was Kitagawa, and I wrote A Change of Channels. I was... uh... pretty much bowled over, I guess, by how well received it was. ^^;; I'm still really bothered by the title, though. XDD (I kept wanting to call it Changing Channels, but since I didn't try to hide my style *at all*, I thought I needed to make at least a cursory attempt, and well... yeah. *cough* Not that I'm not overly sensitive about this.) Anyways, Yongha again. One of these days I *will* write something without him or Hikaru in it. Maybe. ... ...but probably not.

And... I've been offline most of this week, in spite of not being at school, because no sooner did I go on break than my laptop crashed. My little brother's trying to resuscitate it now (it's been down for a week), but if he fails I'll be completely without access until the replacement for my darling six year old finally arrives. This is what I get for not replacing it before the school year started, I suppose. ^^;;; Ah well. It'll be good. ^___^
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Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party. As usual. Whatever. :-P

BUT!!! [ profile] blind_go fics are up! Some most enjoyable stuff up there, so do be sure to go check it out if you haven't yet! (Although, y'know, I'm pretty sure everyone already has. XD)

Y'all know the drill, I'm sure - guess me, and win ficlet of your choice in most any fandom I write in. (If you want something obscure or ancient like... I don't know, Ronin Warriors?... we may have to talk. But otherwise, good to go!) So yes! Screened comments and all.

And in somewhat more random news, has anyone ever been given a half dozen roses by their mechanic? It was my first time visiting the place up here, and I discovered that they also washed my car. Given that it was only there for a check engine light, and that I'm not even having them do a repair, the whole thing seemed a little... over the top? I mean, admittedly, the roses seemed to be something that they just had lying around the office that were thrown at me 'cause I was their last customer of the day, but still. (Is the economy really that bad?) I'd totally go there again, though!
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Y'know, it's been years since I was in the Buffy fandom. Like, six of them, at least, if we don't count the musical, which I briefly returned to it for. And I wouldn't exactly say that I'm a fan of Twilight, either, though I did read the books. They were a little... ummm... yeah. Not my cup of tea, I guess.

But! My big posted this (a few days ago XD way to be on top of things), and it's just cut together so bloody well I couldn't not share. Plus, funny. ♥


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