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Hello and thank you!!!

I'm so glad to hear that we share a fandom and that you're willing to write in it for me!!! ♥ You rock!!!

My tastes are pretty eclectic, so don't worry too much about which way you want to go with things - I'm easy to please. ^_^;;; I love warm and fuzzy fics, especially friendship ones, though I'm also a major proponent of angst, so you can't go wrong either way. Hurt/comfort with an emphasis on comfort is my guilty pleasure. I love AUs, but more in the canon-divergence / alternate timeline sense than anything else, i.e., with rare exceptions, I don't particularly enjoy high school, college, coffee shop, or modern day AUs. I also love gap-filling stories - stories that take a moment which the series brushes over and expands upon it, or adds in something that could have happened but we just didn't see it. I don't have any triggers, but I'm probably not the right person to write a PWP for because I love plot. I don't mind a little citrus and I love a good fade-to-black, but pure porn generally isn't my thing. If you can find a way to make whatever you're working on a Bechdel pass, that would be awesome, though I understand if not given some of my requests, lol. I am (weirdly, for me) requesting more in the way of romance this year, but I love gen so please feel free to go there instead!!! If you want more on my aesthetic, I have both an old livejournal and an AO3 account under this name (lanerose) as well as a tumblr (@lanerose23) that contain fics and fic recs so you can see stories and ideas that I've liked in the past for reference.

琅琊榜 / Nirvana in Fire

Anything. Seriously, anything. More helpfully, fix-it fic where the ending doesn't go the way that it went. If you've seen the alternate ending (or at least, they call it that?) that's available here, I'd love to see something playing off of it. Or something about the twelve years that it takes for Lin Shu to become Mei Changsu. We know he contacts General Meng circa year 7, and I've love to see something about that initial contact. Or the AU where nothing bad ever happens, Prince Qi is still alive, and Lin Shu is happily married to Nihuang. Or more meetings between Lin Shu and Jingyan in the secret passage that they built between their houses. Or Jingyan finding out about Mei Changsu's real identity earlier. Or Consort Jing and Mei Changsu just talking to one another for any reason ever. Or anything with Fei Liu and Tingsheng playing together and being their adorable selves. Or something post-series with Fei Liu and Lin Chen dealing with what happened to Mei Changsu. Or something angsty like what everyone in Mei Changsu's house is thinking when their boss is sick. Or an AU where Jingyan wasn't in time to save Nihuang from Consort Yue's plans re: Sima Lei and how everyone deals with the fall-out from that. Or really anything, since I wasn't kidding when I led with that. =D

赤髪の白雪姫 | Akagami no Shirayukihime

I would love something post-series with Shirayuki and Zen. Also, maybe a story (whether post-series or AU) that clings closer to the original story of Snow White? I mean the Disney version, not the Grimm Brothers' one, although that could be interesting in its own way. But December hols aren't really a good time for horror so maybe not on the Grimm Brothers. Or Shirayuki, Zen, and crew going off on an adventure together, rather than piecemeal. I always had this feeling that Zen's brother intended for his brother to inherit the throne from him, and I'd be curious to see the idea explored (why? how? is there some reason he's planning not to / can't have kids / doesn't want the job?). Or maybe something with the ridiculous palace guards who totally ship Shirayuki/Zen, because that could be hilarious. I can't think of anything angsty, but if something comes to you, totally feel free to go with it.


Mashiro/Miho please~~!! The lack of stories with them together in it is like the most disappointing thing ever to me. I'd love to see them (probably post-series) being together and happy and - I don't know, going to an amusement park with the Takagis. Or the next new year, when they all go back to that hot spring and celebrate together. Or Mashiro and Miho's wedding~~!! If you go angsty with this fandom, please do me a favor and don't break up Mashiro & Miho - though if you want to write an AU where they're never together, that'd be interesting. Maybe an AU where Takagi never approaches Mashiro and how everyone turns out under those circumstances? Or a story where Mashiro collapses again because they're working too hard and how everyone deals with that. Or something with Takagi and Mashiro working on their next project - something like Platinum End maybe, lol. Or Mashiro and Takagi and Hattori being their ridiculous selves together. Or Team Fukuda's next big crisis. Fukuda hasn't had one yet, so maybe it's his turn???

僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

Deku being awesome! Or Midoriya being awesome!!! Or both!!! Or the first time that Deku is unable to save someone's life and how he manages to keep being a hero who smiles after it. Or an AU where Deku is a villain, or doesn't receive All Might's powers but is nevertheless awesome, since there can pretty much never be too many of those. Or Dad!Might.

文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai and Chuuya~~~ like, hanging out or paired or whatever, pre-series when Dazai was in the Mafia or after he left it, or during or post-series, but I adore the way that they interact with each other. I only have anime-level knowledge, though, so if you're referencing something from the manga just make sure that you somehow explain it a little. ^^;;;; Or Dazai and the rest of the agency on a case. Or a fic where Dazai finally succeeds in killing himself and how that impacts everyone.

Thank you again for ficcing for me!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! ♥
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