Nov. 14th, 2009 08:35 pm
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Well... this will probably be down in a few days, seeing as the previous copy I found got taken down that fast, but this is one of the most brilliantly choreographed and danced things I've ever seen in my life, so I'm sharing it anyways. ^.^;; It's Legacy and Kathryn from So You Think You Can Dance, performing a dance titled "Fear", and just... wow. Really, wow.

ETA: Video taken down for copyright issues. Pity, y'all, but trust me, it was awesome. (/ETA)

And in fic news, I have (perhaps foolishly) signed up for the Tutu holiday challenge, Yuletide, and [ profile] yaoi_challenge. XDD Mostly because I'm not going to know what to do with myself once exams are over. Vacations of longer than a week kind of freak me out now. ^^;;; I am *SUPER* excited by basically all of my prompts, though - can't wait to get my memo done so I can start work. I'm hesitating a little with one of my [ profile] yaoi_challenge ones, though, because the requester appears not to have read my ad all the way through, and it's right on the edge of my comfort zone. I might try it anyways, though - break the shell and all. My Yuletide and Tutu prompts are pretty much perfect, though. ^-^ On a related note, Dear Yule Goat letter to come soon. Probably at the post where they're all hanging out on the comm, but maybe here if I find myself babbling (again).

So yeah... my torts book is pretty much calling my name. But watch the video if you haven't yet!!! It's bloody awesome~~!!!
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Wow. It's... very pleasant, to think that I made it seven weeks, producing a fic for five of every seven days. This last week was Author's Choice. I decided that meant that I could reuse whatever fandom I liked, so I've finished the challenge with 10K+ words in 27 or so fandoms. O_o That's kinda cool. I think I'm going to miss this challenge. Not enough to sign up for it again, mind you, but miss it all the same.

Anyway! I have here Princess Tutu, Final Fantasy XII, Hunter x Hunter, Kingdom Hearts II, and Mai-HiME ficlets. Tutu has angsty undertones but is happy. FFXII is comedy. HxH is fluffy. KHII and Mai-HiME are both AU - - KHII is AU with an up-spin, Mai-HiME is AU with a down-spin. At least, that's how their moods classify themselves in my heads, though both are a little angsty. The KHII one is actually an idea I've been meaning to work on for just this side of forever, and have never gotten around to. There may be more of it later, since I like the verse. The HxH one isn't as fully-fleshed as I wanted it to be - a friend had asked me to go see a staging of a play I editted for her, so I didn't have as much time to devote to it as I should have in the first place... and then I forgot until 20 of midnight that I was dog-sitting for my aunt, so I didn't have time to edit much on the back end either. It's actually kinda just this side of flat-out bad. XD The Tutu one, on the other hand, may be my favourite. The FFXII one is good for a laugh, though, and the Mai-HiME one plays out what-if that I'm fond of. Possible elaboration on it, later, but I don't think so. ^.^;;;

And now, fic!

Asleep in a Memory, Dreaming )

Stowaway )

Semi-Useful Surprises )

Faded Pictures )

Caught )
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From that meme a couple of weeks back. Since only two people took me up on it, there's only two fics, but I'm happy with that, especially since I like both of these. ^-^

Title: Nobility
Fandom: Romeo x Juliet
For: [ profile] lithele
Characters: Romeo, Benvolio
Rating: G
Summary: If they weren't good friends, Benvolio would never get into half as much trouble as he does.

Nobility )

Title: Ballerina
Fandom: Princess Tutu
For: [ profile] ladylore
Pairing: Ahiru/Fakir
Rating: PG
Summary: In each ballet troupe, there can be only one ballerina.

Ballerina )
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... nominally, I'm writing my final set of essays for my last final that I need to have done by tonight.

Actually, I'm watching Princess Tutu and falling absolute in love with Fakir, who is too cute for words.

Grr. Argh.

::makes faces at [ profile] ladylore, who she blames completely, and [ profile] lithele, who is somewhat responsible by extension, since not only do they share a brain but there was AMV sharing in the mix::


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