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OMG, people who know me well must be ridiculously sick of me squeeing about this right about now, but I might be ready to die of happiness soon because JOSS WHEDON FILMED MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!!!! WITH NATHAN FILLION AND CLARK GREGG!!! Trailer is here:

I'll admit, I saw Much Ado when I was in Stratford upon Avon last year, and I really thought that I wouldn't see a production to top it for some time (mostly because 1) RSC and 2) set in modern India, which was a stunningly appropriate choice), but this has got a chance at it.

Also, because I love Much Ado. Partly because the only major role I've ever played in a Shakespeare play was in Much Ado, but also just because it's so frigging funny! I don't really understand people who don't get that Shakespeare is supposed to be funny, what with as much gross humor and comedies of errors (pun fully intended) as he put on.

So yes. Sorry not to post in a while - my life is really unexciting right now (that's a lie, it's pretty damn exciting sometimes, but I can't talk about the interesting parts for ethical reasons, and it's boring on the fandom score anyways) BUT I needed to squee. =DDDD
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Just got caught up on Romeo x Juliet (I had watched the first episode previously) and felt the need to fangirl a bit. Especially Tybalt. He looks like Shannon from Scrapped Princess and sounds like Tezuka from Prince of Tennis - which of course had me going ♥_♥, even if I'm guessing that he's not precisely a good guy.

It reminds me of a fusion or a crossover between Robin Hood and Romeo & Juliet, actually, more than a remake of Romeo & Juliet proper. Does that mean that the makers of anime are increasingly fanfic writers? O_o Or maybe I'm just reading into things.

I'm also in love with Cielo, who has said nothing but been just the coolest pegasi ever. ^.^ Romeo rocks, too, and of course Juliet! ♥ So yeah. Not much happening here, just some joy. Anyone got other recent series to recommend while I'm catching up?
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Warning: Contains Much Squee-ing )


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