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Yuki from Fruits Basket + Ogata from Hikaru no Go = Ogata from Skip Beat!

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ETA: [ profile] macey_muse just pointed out to me that this means Hikago!Ogata moonlights as a director. *LOL* Also, mpreg. O_o Maybe SkipBeat!Ogata is Yuki's and Hikago!Ogata's grandkid? *ponder*
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Hi all~!

So, I haven't actually posted in a little bit, and now seemed like a good time to do so. ^_^;;; Lots of things have happened since the last time I posted (LSATs and fics and all sorts of things). Starting with [ profile] trail_hunter! [ profile] trail_hunter was a lot of fun! Produced both quantity and quality Hunter x Hunter fic, which really was something I'd almost given up on seeing all at one time. Three cheers to my co-mods, [ profile] readerofasaph and [ profile] giving_ground, for being awesome~! I'm going to be sending out the prizes tomorrow. ^_^ I wrote this rather strange fic about Hisoka. I'm not really sure where it came from, I was just kind of in a mood from being stuck in freaking Chicago, and then Kurapika wouldn't talk to me, and Gon was having issues, and suddenly there was creepy Hisoka fic. O_o Oh well. I like it, after a fashion. Not the worst thing I've ever written, anyways.

Other recent fic! For [ profile] fifthmus, I wrote Affecting Eternity: Ponnuki for [ profile] thephoenixboy. It's about Ogata becoming Touya Kouyo's student. And it's kind of a fusion with Prince of Tennis, except not really, because none of the Prince of Tennis characters make an appearance. I feel a bit bad about it - I wanted Ogata to have something that he was passionate about prior to go, on the theory that he was super passionate about go because go was his second chance and he didn't expect a third. So then I was thinking about it, and I... was being a little lazy, and didn't want to come up with a team of my own, so I tried to figure out who to borrow. I know soccer and tennis, and it occurred to me that either Whistle! or Tenipuri would work, doubly so because I know Phoenix knows both. ^_^;;; And then it was mostly chance. I was in a tennis mood. XDD It got away from me a bit, so I may pick it back up again because it feels like it might need a part two to be complete. I dunno~. Figure it out soon enough.

I also received this really fabulous fic about Akira doing archery from [ profile] aithine! Definitely made my Fifthmus~~! ♥

And [ profile] blind_go fic~. I need to remember to post about it in something resembling a decent amount of time after this round ends. Anyone who can guess me gets a drabble (strict 100 word limit so no complicated requests please!) from any fandom of mine that they'd like. Comments on this post screened to allow guessing. ^_^

At the moment, I'm working on [ profile] khr_undercover fic~. I really like my idea for it. ♥ Also toying with a potentially rather long Skip Beat! fic. I hesitate to do long!fic, but... it's a good idea, and I kind of want to write it. But then I had this other idea, too, for an quasi-original screenplay, and I sort of want to work on that, too. And really, I need to finish my law school apps before anything else, but I'm in a writing sort of mood (maybe because I'm not stressing over huge scary exams any more?) so I dunno. *ponders*

Anyways, new years resolution to write more! (Again... XD) Cheers~.


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