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This is a somewhat belated holiday gift for [ profile] werven_scy, who asked for "Suggestions of good, honest-to-goodness entertaining things to see and read." I tried to target it for [ profile] werven_scy, actually, but then I remembered that her tastes are as crazy diverse as my own and said, what the hell I'll throw the kitchen sink on there too and see how it goes.

So! Rec List!

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Because having that many good genfics for Prince of Tennis all in one place is probably illegal.

But in a happy sort of way. ^___^

Seriously though, everyone's works for this were awesome! My own fic was Goofy Foot for [ profile] kirayukari, in which Echizen runs into Tezuka at the beach. I rather liked it. I *really* liked this picture of Sanada and Kirihara that [ profile] sarahofcroydon drew for me. ^___^

And I am absolutely in love with the following fics.

[ profile] vanillafire's World of Brothercraft - In which Fuji Shuusuke, Fuji Yuuta, and Mizuki all play World of Warcraft together. Because Shuusuke letting Mizuki die as a twisted sort of revenge is one of the greatest plot set-ups I've ever seen.

[ profile] jain's Playing the Game - Because the world needs more well-written Hikago/Prince of Tennis crossovers. And in large part because of a very very brief Atobe cameo at the end that killed me.

[ profile] takewing's One Hit KO - Because Sanada + Kirihara + Video Games is about eight bajillion different kinds of love.

And my favourite:

[ profile] tokyostory's Stop Me If You've Heard This One Bef- oh. - Because I can't decide what I love the most about this piece. Because it convinced me to like Shishido, and because it made me want to hug Atobe and Oshitari. And because it had Voldemort, which just made it full of WIN.

XD + Rec

Jun. 19th, 2006 10:13 pm
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So, I've got something of a Hikaru no Go obsession going these days. I should probably work on that. ^^;;; (This comes while writing FF7 and original fics, plotting KH, Kaleido Star, and FF8 fics, and - well, generally, not the greatest time for me to have *more* fic ideas. Aiya, so much that will never get written! But I digress...)

I was looking at my ID just now, and realized something that I should have figured out straight off the bat. Since I'm living at Georgetown Law, they issued me a GO card to get into the building. Yes, that's right, a GO card.


::cannot believe it took her over three weeks to figure out that this was humourous:: ^_^;;;;;

In other news, Hikago fans should read Treading on Safe Grounds by Hitokiri-san. I usually can't stand 2nd person fics - like, have serious serious issues with reading them - but for whatever reason, I really like the voice used in this one. It works quite well, somehow. ^_^;;;

So... I'mma go read Hikago while waiting for the last 15 episodes to finish downloading. In related news, don't EVER watch Hikago before you read it. I love the anime, but it's the pathetic, aww, my poor baby, look at you try so hard to make the good manga plot work on screen kind of love - not the ohohohoh AMAZING kind of love. I actually spend most of my time watching it cracking up at how something comes off. (Dramatic!gasps and all that.) But yeah.

I'm thinking of creating a list of series that I think people should watch, but I don't think anyone actually cares about my recommendations. When I figure out whether or not it'd be personally satisfying, I may or may not actually make it.

And my story notebook for Kaleido Star got drenched on my way home this afternoon, which sucked to the nth because I was working on it during lunch today and don't have an alternative copy anywhere. I'm hoping the ink won't have bled too much once it's dry and I can turn the pages again. Thank GOD I left my FF7 notes at home this morning. ^^;;;;

Also, this journal may be heading in a friends only direction since I'm toying with an original idea that ... ... well, let's just say I'd rather not make it public enough that anyone randomly using the internet could find it, 'k? I will say something if I go through with that, though, and ideally, fics will stay public. (Not the drafts, though, ne, Lore? And have I mentioned lately how wonderful you are?) I make no guarantees, and it might not even happen, I just thought I'd mention it so people weren't, like, SHOCK! if I actually do it. yeah. ^.^;;;;;;;;;
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All right, so this is unfinished, but I figure that A) this coming week is when it will be most useful B) I intended to continue work on it after today anyways and C) if I didn't get this off my hard drive I'd spend all my time looking for and reading through good fics and never get around to writing fics of my own. So...

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JAG Recs

Dec. 26th, 2005 09:13 pm
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