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So, once upon a time, something like a year and a half ago, myself and my two good friends were watching the second season of Kaleido Star. They introduced a character named Leon, who shared a voice actor with Cloud Strife of FFVII / KH fame, and had long silver hair. A wonderful, cracktastic crossover idea was born. And now, it's finally a fic.

Title: Dodge Roll
For: [ profile] ladylore
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts / Kaleido Star
Rating: G~

Kaleido Stage needs an extra actor. Sora needs more aerial training. Helping each other out is a good thing~ )
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Title: Five Ways Sora Naegino Was Almost Kissed (And One - Well, Three - Ways She Was)
Fandom: Kaleido Star
For: [ profile] lithele
Beta: [ profile] ladylore
Characters: Yuri, Leon, Ken, Sora
Rating: PG
Notes: WOOHOO~!!! Gosh, this is SO much better than my first try at putting all three boys in a fic. Hope you like, Saa, and sorry for the uber delay on it~!!!

In which Sora is clumsy, Ken is awkward, Leon is quiet, and Yuri is a manwhore. )
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Title: Like the Flower
Fandom: Kaleido Star
Beta: [ profile] ladylore
Characters: Yuri, Leon, Ken, Sora
Rating: PG
Notes: This was originally an answer to a request from Lisa, but I don't think I properly answered her request... so I'm trying it again. In the meantime, here's attempt number one.

In which Leon, Yuri, and Ken team up to cheer up Sora. )
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Woo, Kaleido Star fanfic! Finally! I'm not sure how happy I am with this, and depending on what y'all think I may try to re-do it, because I really love the concept. Let me know?

Title: Joyride
Fandom: Kaleido Star
Characters: Layla, Yuri (LaylaYuri if you squint, I suppose)
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Spoilers to Episode 41. This is a series insert.
Notes: First fic in this fandom, woo! Which as usual means I'm uber worried about characterization. XD

You haven’t moved a muscle in the last three minutes. )


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