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Romance/Fluff Week! ^___^ Also, apparently, Final Fantasy week for me. XDD Every other fic is from a Final Fantasy game (XII, then VII, then X) with Rurouni Kenshin and Angelic Layer to finish things out. Some Most of these are more romance than fluff, since my writing's been kinda bitter-sweet lately, but the last three - and particularly the FFX ficlet - are fluffy enough to make up for the rest of the week, I think. ^.^;;; Anyways... same set up as before, sort of.

Viera Do Not Question )

Water Over Stones )

Chores )

Thump )

Journey's End )
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[ profile] het_challenge just finished up, which means I am now totally free to pimp both the fics I wrote and the fics that I got. Yay~!!! ^_^ For [ profile] windsorblue, I wrote this incredibly depressing Royai fic. [ profile] ponderosa121 prompted a somewhat cracktastic Haruhi/Tamaki/Kyouya bodyswitch fic. For [ profile] nekokoban, I wrote angsty vampire not-quite-sex featuring Alice/Jirou from Black Blood Brothers. Ignoring the fact that I'm completely not a smut writer and that's the closest I've ever come, I was really happy with this fic. Finally, my pride and joy, for [ profile] anime_angel_ash I wrote Tidus/Yuna fic where they try to steal Lulu's mog so Yuna can have a plushie. I had SO much fun writing that one, and I think it came out really well.

LINN!!! You need to go check out this Marcus/Ivanova fic that [ profile] nightambre wrote for me. As does anyone else who likes B5, because it was fantastic. I also highly recommend the angsty pre-game Wakka/Lulu fic that [ profile] rosehiptea wrote for me, which is similarly fantastic. Finally, for a bit of pretty, take a peek at the Royai dancing in uniforms pic that [ profile] simargl_wings drew for me.

I ♥ [ profile] het_challenge! ^_^


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