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So, continuing a trend, I've written, oh, nothing this week. Fail. I'm going to try again tonight and see if I get anywhere. I'm not really sure what's wrong that I'm getting nowhere, but... yeah, nowhere. On anything.

Also? Really disappointed in this season of Project Runway. The designers are a bunch of whiny little wannabes. None of them, in my opinion, have the drive and the passion that makes a top designer. Where's my Austin, who only wanted to make beautiful things and always, always did? Where's my Jeffrey, dedicated to bringing that hard rock edge with just a hint of elegance that makes things pop? Where's my Christian, ready to take the world by storm and making it work? It's all complain complain complain, wah I don't want to go home CRY MOAR. They're not designing to win, they're designing not to go home, and that's just wrong. ;_; Can we have Season 6 yet?

On the plus side, read and loved this Donna story about how awesome she is post Journey's End because she's just that awesome. That, and the way the Doctor is just kind of laced through it is fabulous. One of my favourite Tez/Ryo stories was also updated this weekend for the first time in like, ever, and that was exciting. It even makes me want to work on [ profile] subrosa_tennis. Yay! ^_^

So... foods, and then writing. Yay, plan! ^___^
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So... not working on fic because I'm lazy like that. XDD For anyone who hasn't seen it, my [ profile] fifthmus fic went up last week. It was supposed to be about Akiko meeting Mitsuko, but it wound up being more Akiko gen. You can read it here. ^_^

In related news, saw that sign ups just started for the next round of [ profile] blind_go. I... am torn. On the one hand, Blind Go! I had loads of fun last round. And wonderful new mods and fun themes~! Also, I like having deadlines 'cause they mean that I actually write things. On the other hand, I'm already committed to [ profile] subrosa_tennis and that last author standing thing for Doctor Who, both of which (assuming I'm still in the latter, which is probably a fault assumption *lol*) should be wrapping up around then. So... thinking about it. Might sign up and then just see how it goes. ::shrug::

Speaking of [ profile] subrosa_tennis, I've been toying for a bit with making up a writer's guide to the US Open. So often, I've seen it written wrongly in Prince of Tennis fanfic, and as a proud New Yorker it kind of bothers me when people set it in California, or in Manhatten, or whatever. *Especially* because the actual series got the details *so* correct, right down to the airplanes flying from La Guardia in the background. Also, I'm dying to see Prince of Tennis fic where everyone goes to watch a baseball game because Arthur Ashe (where the finals of the Open are played) is right across the street from Shea Stadium. (Mind you, I'm never going to write it and I know it. But I'd love to see it.) I took a bunch of pictures of how to get to and from the stadium when I went to a Mets game earlier this week, and it occurred to me that this is probably the reason why Ryoma got lost coming out of the Tokyo subway: )

I'm trying to get tickets to go see at least one day of the Open, in which case I'll definitely do the guide with proper pictures and stuff. Maybe not if I don't, though, 'cause, y'know - directions to stadium only guide is kind of lame.

Anyway, might try and work on fic now. Or maybe to update my lists of recs with all of the stuff I've got bookmarked. *lol* But probably writing. Wish me luck~~!!


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