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And after hours of beating my head against a wall building a website, it's pleasant to realize that I didn't post the theme set that I finished(!!!) yesterday. I'm really excited, because this is the first 30 themes set I've ever finished. They may all be drabbles, but I'm quite happy with a few of them, and ecstatic to get the set done. Also, [ profile] hime1999's latest picture (Ed & Duo!!!) makes me want to work on Braid again. ^.^;;; So, umm... love for FMA?

Themes #16 - 30 )
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I'm really enjoying writing these. Maybe because they're the only challenge I'm willing to write drabbles for, and it's so satisfying to see the number of them steadily creep upward? ::shrug::

Anyway, here's the next five drabbles, including two Alphonse pieces, one Pinako piece, one Royai drabble, and one unusual FMA het pairing.

Bitter Cry )

Goodbye )

Hand in Hand )

The Courage to Shake off that Hand )

Beloved )
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Continuation of a previously started 30 themes challenge for FMA. If you click the tags, you can find the previous ones. ::too lazy to link right now:: ^.^

Cold Chain )

Memory )

Unfulfilled Heart )

Hourglass )

Not Knowing )
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Title: Five
Fandom: FFVII
Rating: PG
Format: Drabble ~ 100 words, precisely
For: [ profile] fanfic100, Cloud Strife
Prompt: (Hidden for effect)
Author's Notes: This is the first thing I've gotten finished for my Little Damn Table ~ it's actually been sitting on my hard drive for a while now, which I just realized when I went to work on a different prompt. (I've got them all in a big file.) Most of the other fics in my 100 will be longer, but this one... I think I said all I really needed to say, but we'll see. ^.^;;;;

Five. )
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So, I intended to write ficcage for the holidays for everyone, but that plan never quite came to fruition because I got distracted by working on my fanfic rec list. By way of apology for the delay and for the flooding I'm about to do to y'all friends list, here are the two FFVII drabbles I wrote in prep for writing an FFVII fic for Linn. ^.^;;; Happy Holidays, y'all!!!

Sprachgefuhl )

Verso )
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These are drabbles for the 30 Angst Themes written by Vianca, translated by Hime1999. At least, that's what the notes I have listed with the themes say. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please!

The Two of Us )

The Longing Back Then )

Scars )

Unreachable Back )

Promise )
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Got hit by a flying drabble idea and scribbled it out. Now, sleep. ^_^

His office wasn't any emptier... )
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Since I haven't posted ficcage in a while, here's a drabble for's Word of the Day for May 25th. (I'd have used the one for the 26th, but tis not out yet.) 100 words, twenty minutes. Not bad for a first attempt at drabbling, in my opinion. ^-^;;;;;

Artifice )


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