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And after hours of beating my head against a wall building a website, it's pleasant to realize that I didn't post the theme set that I finished(!!!) yesterday. I'm really excited, because this is the first 30 themes set I've ever finished. They may all be drabbles, but I'm quite happy with a few of them, and ecstatic to get the set done. Also, [ profile] hime1999's latest picture (Ed & Duo!!!) makes me want to work on Braid again. ^.^;;; So, umm... love for FMA?

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Got hit by a flying drabble idea and scribbled it out. Now, sleep. ^_^

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So I wanted to do another drabble, and went back for another word of the day. The connection here is first of all that Kyou was the character I thought of second (the first and obvious choice being Sailor Saturn). Kyou is a Capricorn ~ the zodiac sign ruled by Saturn. Also, Lees was bugging me a bit ago to finally write some Furuba. So I did. XDDD Fifteen minutes, not counting the time it took me to verify Kyou was a Capricorn and Capricorn was ruled by Saturn. 100 words. ^_^;;;;

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Since I haven't posted ficcage in a while, here's a drabble for's Word of the Day for May 25th. (I'd have used the one for the 26th, but tis not out yet.) 100 words, twenty minutes. Not bad for a first attempt at drabbling, in my opinion. ^-^;;;;;

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Can be read as one, but I wrote them separately and feel strangely compelled to keep them separated. ::shrugs:: Royai if you're inclined towards taking them that direction, but in general quite ambiguous. Spoilers! for episode 25 in both. Ano... I guess they're PG / PG 13 for angst content, but beyond that... the titles rather speak for themselves.

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