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Dear Yule Goat,

First of all, thank you!! I'm really excited to see what you come up with and I'm sure that it'll be awesome because hey, anything I can get in my smaller fandoms is awesome. Glad that we share a fandom!!!

I'll read most anything, although I do have a particular fondness for gen/friendship fics rather than pairings. That being said, I read and enjoy a lot of pairing fic, of whatever rating and arrangement. I like stories that fill gaps or take interesting twists - find hidden moments where a slight change would create a butterfly effect. I like hurt-comfort fic with an emphasis on comfort more than hurt. More than anything, I like good characterization, and of late I've been reading lots of slice-of-life and adventure fic. If you'd like an idea of stories that I've enjoyed reading in the past, I do have a tag on here for recs that can give you a better idea. If you could make whatever you write a Bechdel pass, that would also be appreciated, though that's not possible for some of the things I've requested, so don't worry about it too much. The fandoms below are in alphabetical order, since I'd be super happy with any of them and can't really impose a preference on it.

Dance Academy

Please please please what happens to Tara after the end of the series! Or an AU where that thing that happens at the end of second to last episode of Season 3 doesn't happen. Or if you haven't seen Season 3 yet, happy hanging out fic with as many characters as you can fit would be fantastic. Maybe a variation on the third-year tour with the cast doing a different show - casting, rehearsals, backstage on opening night, etc. I don't mind a bit of drama, but I'd prefer the drama was kept more in sideways glances or came to a happy conclusion rather than being a huge focal point. Alternatively, something about the way that Abigail and Kat are secretly besties (even though they'll never admit it) would also be cool.

Dragonriders of Pern - Anne McCaffrey

Robinton. Robinton is my favourite character bar none, and if you've read Masterharper of Pern, I would love fic with him and Kasia. (This would be the exception to my standard gen, please! request.) He's basically super yahtzee bonus in terms of characters, so even if it's just a cameo, please do include him. Other ideas: An AU where Menolly stayed in the Weyr would be awesome, or more about her time as a Journeyman, which I felt got really shortchanged in the books. I'd be curious to see a spin on how, if Lessa hadn't gone back, the Weyr might have found another way to still survive, or maybe an AU in which the characters were not emerging from a Long Pass but instead had had a shorter pass. I find Mirrim kind of annoying and would rather she play a small role if any, but really, pretty much any other character in the books would be great, too.

Hunter x Hunter

Non-shippy fic please! I don't actually much care what you write in this fandom, provided that it's gen, since basically no one writes gen in it and that makes me really sad! I adore Kurapika, and I think Gon and Killua are pretty much the most adorable little friends ever. I'd love some sort of adventure arc a la Greed Island (although obviously much shorter unless you have tons of time to kill, example offered for reference to type only) or Kurapika angst regarding his family's eyes. Killua's family is also always entertaining, so feel free to go there, too.

Kaleido Star

KenxSora fic! Or post-Legend of Phoenix fic, perhaps something about what happens when Sora is herself ready to retire. Or both. ^_^;; Maybe fic where Sora gets injured and absolutely cannot work for a time (for whatever reason) and how the others manage to keep her from training overly hard before she's physically ready to do so. Fic with Mia writing for something other than Kaleido Star or about her Kaleido Star fan website (which she totally still curates even after they all establish themselves).

Thanks again, author!!! Really looking forward to seeing what you write! ♥


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